Learning to program

Many resources are available on the internet to start coding, but it is sometime hard not to get lost in this ocean of informations. We detail here some interesting resources to start learning.

Which language to begin with ?

When coding, we describe information that the machine will execute. To be able interact with the machine, we need to choose the language we will write in. There are many existing languages, each with their specificities.

It's important to know in which language we want to start programming in when starting because we learn to program in a language. During the summer camps we mainly teach Python, which we recommend to start. It's an easy language to start with (compared to other...) and it has many uses. YouTube for example is coded in Python.


France IOI

France-IOI offers a learning platform with exercises organized by level of difficulty, everything accessible completely freely and fully in french !


If you speak a bit of English, Codeacademy is a good resource to start programming.

Keep coding

The good thing when learning to program, is that it can be used in many ways, to do plenty of things There are a lot of sub domain or application in computer science, and to keep coding, it's more fun to find something we really like Here are some examples:

Django girls

They have written a tutorial to create a blog in Python thanks to the Django framework. It has been entirely translated in french and is very accessible. Django is a very powerful tool for web platforms. Both the GCC! and Prologin websites use Django.


It's the name of the organization that organize the Girls Can Code! camps but i's also a computer science contest for people under 21 years old. On the website, you can find archives of the previous years exercises. They are small exercises that give a entry and expect a precise answer, and it's your task to code the program giving the expected answer !